Calling Bloggers Looking to Diversify their Income Streams

calling all bloggers looking to diversify income streamsHave you ever wished you could just write about what you want to? Post the photos you love? Do you wish your blog was more about you or that you could spend more time sharing your own thoughts?

First of all, you don’t know me, so let me share a little about me. This is a new blog but it is not my first blog. My first blog is about 7 years old. It was started as a causal blog but when I hit 65,000 Facebook fans and close to a million monthly page views I saw an opportunity to make our family vision a reality. I wanted to earn an income from my blog.

With that amount of traffic 5 years ago just about everyone I reached out to said yes. It was great. I was financially contributing to my family. I was developing new skills. I was learning about being professional and new skill sets- all while my kids were right there next to me.

That was great, but I wanted more.

A few things happened though that made me look for another way. First, much of my time was spent writing sponsored posts, taking pictures, trying products, etc…. and I had deadlines. I was no longer on my own schedule. I did not have time to write the posts that I wanted to write. Second of all, there were times I kind of felt like I was selling my soul. I would learn something about a brand that was not in line with my own messaging or belief system. I found myself not writing about certain topics because I suspected brands would not be pleased. Third- though I had repeat clients, it was a lot of work to get new ones and develop those relationships- this took more time away from writing and creating.

I really just wanted to create. But I also had this vision for my family- that I could contribute to my family’s financial picture on a large scale while still being at home.

So even though I had no idea what it was, I started looking for another way. As it goes when you set your mind to something, it wasn’t long before I found one. There is nothing get-rich-quick about what I found. It is not magic. It requires a success mindset. It requires being coachable. It’s work and sometimes the work is challenging.

It also provides a residual income- something I desperately wanted but did not understand existed outside of the film industry. It provides as much training as I want, flexibility, a support team, and opportunity. The opportunity is solid, limitless, and, I believe, huge for our blogging community.

What is it?

It takes about 30 minutes to explain and I would love to invite you to join my business mentor and I for a totally informal online event to learn about it. There is no commitment and I am a real person.

I have no idea if it would be a fit for you and neither do you. It is not for everybody.

What if it is for you, though? What if this is what you have been looking for? What if this provides the vehicle that allows you to free up your time, develop new professional skills, grow personally, be surrounded by people at the top of their game (and industry) and grow and diversify your income? Is it worth 30 minutes to find out?

Join us for one of these upcoming online events:

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