I don’t know about you, but I sure have wasted a lot of time and money on recipes that promised to deliver delicious fruits and veggies into the bodies of my family only to have them dumped down the disposal! Pinterest makes everything look good, doesn’t it?

A few weeks ago I finally accepted that spaghetti squash will never be a substitute for noodles for me. I have tried making it with marinara, plant based Alfredo sauce and many other ways, but it never, ever fills me up! I love it as a side with some EVOO and tomatoes, but I recently dumped one into the grinders beneath our sink after tempting a vegan pad thai recipe. So frustrating!

I do love to try recipes though. I also love to look through Pinterest. I feel so inspired looking at all those gorgeous images of healthy food! I have gotten pretty good at determining which plant based recipes will actually deliver satiation and satisfaction, but there are still meals that end up ground up.

Here is where Butterflies and Broccoli comes in! A couple of times each month I will share the new family plant based recipes that have been loved by most members of my family.

A lot of people want to go plant based. Whether your reasons are planetary, health, or animal welfare related, you are probably inspired, excited, and hopeful about adopting this new lifestyle! Just when you are ready to jump all in your first homemade recipe is inedible or leaves you wondering what the main course is!

We have all been there! Let me sift through the recipes, try them out, and figure out which ones will really serve as meals that people of all ages might enjoy. Making this change is enough work- you don’t need to spend your precious time or money on something that everyone will dislike.

Whether you are going full on plant based or just trying to add a family plant based meal or two in each week, Butterflies and Broccoli will give you options! From comfort foods to fresh and delicious salads, cookie pie to sorbet, the recipes we share and try will be completely animal free!

We are just starting out, so bear with us as our collection grows. For now, try out these delicious family plant based meals:

Week 1 of Family Plant Based Recipes: Thai Coconut Curry Soup, General Tso’s Chickpeas and Cookie Pie! Click here to access.